Galaxy Tab protected firmware update

Galaxy tab owners may have been thinking like me over Christmas about updating the firmware on their shiny new devices to one of the more recent software packages available, the version you will find depends on your location and region but as with all updates of this nature theres always potential issues for the more hacker minded Galaxy Tab users.

The latest info to surface via the XDA-Developers forum sugests Samsungs latest firmware updates contain a locked down bootloader which will then prevent users from flashing any other custom rom to their Galaxy Tab. XDA moderator ‘Chainfire’ explains that any further software flash will have to contain the correct checksum for it to be recognised as a valid rom, in other words custom roms will not be recognised and thus wont flash. Bad!

You can read the post at XDA-Devs here>**Galaxy tab checksum protection** its not the best Christmas pressie for the more hardcore Galaxy Tab owner..

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