iPad 2 in stock ?

25th March 2011 and across the UK Apple shops and other retailers launch the iPad 2 at 5pm, so as per norm the Apple fans gather in long lines hoping to get hold of the very latest Apple device on launch day, others try retailers like Comet hoping less people will gather at non Apple shops. Apple’s website had an instant 3 week wait if you wanted to try bypassing the hight street waiting game so thats that out of the question if your a would be early adopter of the new iPad 2, so how many iPad 2’s actually hit the shops then ?

As you can see from the picture above i managed to get my hands on one, i didnt have to wait either – i simply waited till my day at work ended at 5.30pm and got in the car headed for my local Comet 5 mins away – walked in and asked for a 16 gig black  iPad2, the staff insisted i had to by an iPad cover for it too as it was one of the conditions of sale on launch day, i stood my ground and refused the cover and five mins later i walked away with my shiny new iPad2, lovely .

I do wonder how my story compares to the masses all over the UK and if many people were unable to find a store with stock available, Comet did say i got the last one and a friend of mine reported the store had a line of about 20 people waiting to buy their iPad just 20 mins before i got mine. So how many iPads did find their way into the stores for launch day and what exactly was the initial demand like? Only Apple know the numbers .

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