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Street & Racing Technology

Street & Racing Technology, commonly known as SRT. It is an iconic name in the automotive world. This article delves into the history and innovations. The remarkable vehicles produced by SRT. They explore how this division of FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles). Left an indelible mark on the world of high-performance cars.

Birth of a Legend

In the early 2000s, Street & Racing Technology SRT emerged as an answer to the growing demand. The high-performance vehicles.

Engineering Excellence

SRT’s secret sauce was its dedication. They pushing the boundaries of automotive engineering.

Horsepower Havoc

One of SRT’s defining characteristics was its obsession with power.

Muscle-Bound Monsters

Street & Racing Technology didn’t just make fast cars. It created muscle-bound monsters.

Viper: The King of Snakes

The Dodge Viper is perhaps the most iconic product of SRT’s ingenuity.

Hemispherical Power

Street & Racing Technology had an affinity for Hemi engines. Known for their power and efficiency.

Street-Legal Rockets

SRT was known for turning ordinary street. The cars into high-performance rockets.

From Sedans to SUVs

Street & Racing Technology didn’t limit itself to sports cars; it also worked wonders on sedans and SUVs.

SRT’s Time at the Track

SRT wasn’t just about street performance; it was also about racing.

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Taking on the Green Scene

SRT didn’t just focus on speed; it also explored sustainable performance.

The Demise of SRT

In 2014, Street & Racing Technology (SRT) as a standalone brand was phased out by Chrysler.

The Legacy Lives On

While SRT as a standalone brand might be gone. Its spirit lives on within Stellantis.


Street & Racing Technology was a powerhouse in the world of high-performance vehicles. Its legacy continues to inspire automotive enthusiasts. These continue to shape the future of performance cars.

Faqs: (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1.Does RaceChip save fuel?

A. RaceChip can improve fuel efficiency in its Eco mode by optimizing engine performance. But in Sport and Race modes. It may consume more fuel due to increased power.

Q2.Is RaceChip reversible?

A. Yes, RaceChip is reversible. It can be easily removed from a vehicle. The restoration of the original factory settings. They leave no permanent modifications or damage.

Q3.How do you adjust a RaceChip?

A. RaceChip adjustments are typically made through a smartphone app. Or a dedicated control module. They allow users to select performance profiles. They customize settings for their vehicle’s engine performance.

Q4.How does RaceChip work?

A. RaceChip is an aftermarket electronic module. That enhances a vehicle’s performance by modifying the engine’s parameters. Such as fuel injection and boost pressure, for increased power and torque.

Q5.What are the modes of RaceChip?

A. RaceChip offers various performance tuning modes for vehicles. Including Eco, Sport, and Race modes. Which allows users to customize their vehicle’s performance to their preferences.

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